Hefei Risine Heatek Co., Ltd. is located in the "old haunt of the three countries, the hometown of Bao Zheng," City of Science and Technology - Hefei, Anhui Province, has a long history, culture, a strong teaching and research environment for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation. Since the company its establishment in 1998, has more than 3000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings, complete sets of processing equipment, modern design, mapping tools, improve the quality of the testing system; Tribute has long been engaged in a number of experiments, industrial electricity Kiln design, manufacture and service of technology elite, of which more than undergraduate education of engineers and technicians and 16, more than 40 skilled workers; have an annual output of 300 sets of experimental electric furnace, 100 sets of industrial production capacity of the furnace. Established a long-term friendly and cooperative relations with China Science and Technology University, as its fixed base in the experiment.

The company is ISO9001 international quality management system certification unit, have the right to import-export operations. Since the company was first established, determine relying on the technology market space business strategy, has been a tradition in the process on the basis of constant innovation, developing steadily. In order to "promote science and technology, sharing of civilizations" as the core idea of "leading technology, quality first, service and sincerity" of the operating objectives, business for many years been great progress and development. Now the company has set up two division, one experiment with electric furnace, mainly for domestic and foreign colleges and universities as well as laboratory research institutes at home and abroad, to meet their different techniques, different materials applied to research experiments; Second, the electricity industry kilns mainly for electronics, chemicals, building materials, metallurgical industries drying, glue row, curing, pre-burning, burning, welding, heat treatment, metal-ceramic technology, and so on.. Products are sold all over the country and to export small quantities, some of the equipment has reached the level of similar foreign or catch-up.

Every nation in this rapid development of the industry's prosperity, the company and all my colleagues want to make people in the industry, the revitalization of the Chinese common cause of the furnace.

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