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December 30, 1998 a group dedicated to promoting the development of the industry kiln of insight, join hands to create a new high-temperature Technology Co., Ltd..

In November 1999 took the lead in the development of China's first all-fiber high-temperature nano-alumina sintering furnace production lines, and in the earth the company's Nano-Materials Co., Ltd. Hangzhou picogrammes successful application for enterprises significant cost-effective, highly praised by the users.

In January 2001 in order to "rely on technology to open up the market" under the guidance of business strategy, the company made clear the first three-year target market positioning, that is, vigorously develop institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and corporate research unit of the experimental trial electric furnace equipment.

2002 8 menstrual shareholders meeting decided, by Mr. Zhang Shili as general manager of the company and lead the company to continue to develop and promote the cause of the kiln.

In December 2003 with the success of many well-known universities are set up cooperative relations, such as Beijing University, Qinghua University, China University of Science and Technology Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc.. At the same time, some famous universities and abroad to establish friendly and cooperative relations, such as Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, the United States at the University of Texas.

January 2004 the company made clear the second three-year target market positioning. An experimental electric furnace for the foundation to develop the industrial use of electricity kiln.

December 2005 experimental electric furnace company sales exceeded five million sales target. Nearly a hundred colleges and universities at home and abroad, scientific research unit set up long-term relations of cooperation. Industrial furnace, the full set of the introduction of Italian high-precision hot air circulation sintering technology, realize high-precision equipment made abroad.

In 2006 the introduction of talent, technical reserves, and other aspects of marketing a full range of resource integration, in the domestic set up a number of agencies, the establishment of a professional after-sales service system.

Accelerate the development of a whole in 2007 to strengthen the norms of the year. Hefei University and College Materials on the <<Carbon Fiber Materials Preparation of new equipment>> Project co-declare the city of science and technology projects; as the project to bear units to be provincial, city, district leadership at all levels of government support and attention; products go to market development, specialization, standardization of the road, forming a high, refined, sharp features; internal management to strengthen the standardization and institutionalization of the building; the company the right to apply for business registration; by enterprises the right to import-export operations. Further introduction of talents, strengthening of technical R & D capabilities, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises, in order to create a new base in the middle lay the foundation for research.

In October 2008 associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and has successfully developed high-performance carbon fiber material for the production of new type of preparation of equipment - pre-oxidation furnace, and its key technology-related industries has been to fill the domestic gap in the field of technology; and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui Machinery Optical Institute, an "intelligent multi-point temperature control method and temperature-controlled multi-channel radiation detector standards," an exclusive patent license, and patents; company through ISO9001: 2000 international standard quality management system certification; through the high country technology enterprises identified.

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