November 1998   To create the company

October 1999   The first in China developed the all-fiber push-plate high-temperature sintering furnace. with an annual output of 30 tons of nano-aluminum oxide powder sintering; The equipment was successfully used in Hangzhou, micro-and nano-technology Co., Ltd.

February 2000   Successfully established a good working relationship with many famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad


April 2001    The company cooperated with the China Science and Technology University Department of Materials Science successfully, and the first in China developed the CVD series tube furnace which is applied to the development of the. carbon nano tubes.


May 2002    Design and developed the network atmosphere-protection sintering furnace. Refractory materials all are fiber products, greatly reduces the power consumption. Outside sealed structure past out the old-fashioned.


March 2003    Defined the systematization and standardization ideas of laboratory equipment. Through the technological innovation and development in the past five years, we research and development more than 10 kinds of furnace.


March 2004   Researched and developed the furnaces applied to the production of solar panels. e.g. the atmosphere tube furnace for crystalline silicon to oxide, diffuse and Coate; The network burning furnace applied to non-crystalline silicon rapid warm-up of the 800mm wide-band .


April 2005   Introduce a full set of high-precision automatic cycle of hot air furnace sintering technology from Italy, realized the real temperature uniformity is 1.5 degrees of precision control.


May 2006   Researched and developed the pre-oxygen furnace and carbonization furnace which is applied to a ton of fiber production. And putting more research in the Yield greater equipment.


December 2007  Making a close co-operation with Hefei University of Technology to declare the projects on the research and development of carbon fiber materials, and get the strong support and concerns of the government leadership.

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