Dear regular and new customers, government leaders, friends and all my colleagues :

        Through the winter, spring is approaching. Saying good-bye the last rich and well-off year 2007, ushered in full of hopes and dreams of year 2008. On the occasion of the New Year, first of all a Happy New Year to you! I wish you good health! Family! Cause of the boom! At the same time, I on behalf of the company of all my colleagues to thanks leadership of the government and friends for concern and support the company.

        Year 2007 is the company into the fast, stable and healthy development of the ground-breaking year. Of all my colleagues have always deemed it their duty to Complete the target, and well done the company's sales, design, production, management, mission objectives. The company also achieved fruitful results through careful implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system, the government declared an active scientific and technological projects and a series of important initiatives, the company from top to bottom to show unprecedented unity and spirit of the new look; regional market management system has been established; Mature product standardization, the road of serialization is formally cleared; products processes systematization and standardization are gradually improve.
        In 2007 the company is also the new technologies, new product development breakthroughs of the year. In the lab series, we successfully develop and produce the tube furnace for annealing process of quartz, graphite oxidation process and so on; In the enterprise series, we develop and produce the drying furnace, pre-oxidation furnace and low-temperature carbonization furnace.
        The new year is coming, let‘s join hands and work together to continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation. Firm "customer satisfaction" central idea, to improve and perfect continuously.

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